Gus Till

Gus has been active as a musician, producer and Dj for most of his natural born life. Originally from Melbourne Australia, his initial forays into the heady world of music were in the emergent punk/ new wave scene of the late 70’s/ early 80’s where he played in The Ears, Beargarden and briefly in The Models. Gus Till

In the mid 80’s he became much more involved in studio work and was part of Michael Hutchences alternate band ‘ Max Q’ . Around this time he succumbed to the siren-call of the nascent electronic dance movement and by the end of the eighties was one half of the electronica duo ‘Third Eye’ before finally departing Australia for the Northern Hemisphere.

Gus moved between Paris, New York and London, where he finally settled down and became part of the burgeoning trance scene, working for all the labels involved at the time and becoming the in-house engineer at Youth’s legendary ‘Butterfly Studios’ and ‘Dragonfly Records’. He joined pioneers ‘Slinky Wizard’ and became an in-house engineer/ producer for Flying Rhino Records, also releasing under his own name and as ‘BUS’ and ‘Stoop & Fidget’ with DJ James Monro and producing countless single/EP and compilation appearances.

Gus’ DJ career also kicked in around this time, which saw the next several years constantly travelling to exotic locations playing amazing festivals. During this time he also kept his finger on regular studio bizz also working with Jamiroquai, Manu Dibango, Todd Terry, System 7, Adam Freeland, Bim Sherman…. and many more… in one capacity or another. Gus Till

At the turn of the millenium Gus returned briefly to Australia to perform at the Earthcore Festival for the countdown and at this time met his wife-to-be, japanese music producer/ DJ Cozi ( AKA DJ Supercozi). Eventually basing themselves in the UK, they started the psy-trance project ‘Zen Lemonade’ with their debut album ‘Lemon Soul’ being released on Dragonfly Records.

In 2002 they moved to Bali which saw a sea-change in operations. Gus began concentrating on more studio work and the chill-out side of things, yet still managing to keep tangentially involved, with the occasional trance track and releasing the much-overdue BUS album ‘moresbuninesslinkyouthere‘ on SUB in 2005. This period also saw several chill-out album’s under his own name, another Zen Lemonade album and countless tracks for lounge compilations.

But 2012 is a turner-corning year, with Gus exploring new sounds and styles and getting fully involved with dance music after a bit of a hiatus. The year has kicked off with a remix for techno label ‘Tago Mago’ ( Ibiza) for DJ Frank E plus a deep psychedelic tribal album about to be released on Twisted Records UK. with much more to follow( expect new releases from both BUS and Zen Lemonade)!

Gus is back in demand everywhere playing both new and retro trance sets and as a chill-out DJ, rocking floors wherever he goes…. stay tuned!




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