Fusion Festival

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The Fusion Festival is a German music festival. It usually takes part in the end of June. Fusion Festival began in 1997 near the city of Lärz north of Germany, about 160km from Berlin or 230km from Hamburg. The location is a former military airport, close to the Lake Müritz, Rechlin-Lärz Airfield. The festival lasts four to six days.

Fusion Festival  Since 2011, organizers have a strict policy on ticket sales and employ tactics to stop ticket touts. People wishing to attend the festival need to participate in a ticket lottery. First, they will need to apply for a ticket which will be processed in a pot of all applications. If their application is chosen in the evaluation and they are successful, they are able to purchase a ticket.

A variety of musical styles are represented at the festival, but the line up is not released beforehand. Only vegetarian food is sold at the festival.

The Fusion Festival combines all styles of the underground electronic music scene. A space people go to free their minds from their everyday lives, jobs, studies and other responsibilities. It is the result of the search for an alternative through music, to the system we are forced to live in. People go to this space to experience a different way of socializing and living, where the reason for socializing is to experience one another, share our love for music and our experiences in life.

Fusion Festival The Fusion Festival organizers maintain the spirit of keeping it more underground from its beginnings to promote it only between artists and friends. Without advertisement, it has grown to hosting around 60,000 people per year (as of 2012).

A specialty of the festival is the unannounced lineup. Only in the festival guide, the lineup will be printed and is not announced in advance. It has hosted many artists from all around the world all since the beginning joining in the support of an idea to connect people who have similar or interesting frames of mind to learn from each other and interact and also learning new points of view from different cultures.

The goal of the festival unlike many others in Europe is not purely to make profit and because of this, it has kept ticket prices far below any other festival in Europe even though there is a high demand of tickets. In December 2011, tickets were released at 70 euros (2013) for the entire four days and sold out within the first 30 hours.

The food available at the festival includes vegetarian food at very reasonable prices near the various stages. Large circus tents as well as a theater can also be found. Buses going to a lake driving about 15 minutes from the festival space are leaving and returning every half an hour.

Fusion Festival Camping

There are many campsites on the entire festival area with divided areas for backpackers, drivers and caravans. The areas are named by a letter and a number (e.g. A4). Usually, temperatures at night range from 14°C (57°F) to 22°C (72°F).

Four shower areas and several toilets are located on the festival area, an outdoor internet cafe with free WiFi and a mobile phone charging station are also included.

Employment at festival

Apart from being employed as organizer, the festival maintains a job center which anyone can apply to in order to get a job and collect cash. After six hours of work, applicants can get a return for their ticket price.





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