SARAYAN is a new brand of designer cloth for man, woman and children but furthermore it is also a new concept. Offering a large choice of cloth and accessories, stylish hippy style, illuminated, colorful, and most of all well thought. Your senses and feelings will open up to a new awakening… a promise of new sensation high in colors.

You can discover the brand at the Antibes store, located on the Riviera, in France . . . →Sarayan


IzWoz -

IzWoz art and clothing is created by Brad and Katie. IzWoz studioz is based near Nimbin, NSW, Australia and rests on the edge of one of the world’s largest shield volcanos; an ancient and sacred place. A natural environment abundant in wildlife, creative culture and community. Their primary creative tools are acrylic on canvas, digital art, pen on paper, airbrush, body painting, textile printing, event installation and tattoo. IzWoz clothing focuses on handmade, limited edition . . . →IzWoz

Shaman Electro

Shaman Electro (Logo)

Shaman Electro offers since 1996 a wide collection of psychedelic tattoo tribal street wear their motto is: “In Plants We Trust”. The ancient shaman were mediators in their culture, communicating with the spirits on behalf of the community. The people at Shaman believe fashion, music, visual arts and multi-media have a bigger influence on culture and people’s behavior than the actual governments have.

“In Plants We Trust” – A plant is a healer plus . . . →Shaman Electro