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It started in around May 1996 when Andreas Kempf a.k.a. “Amalesh” started to scan some of his flyers and uploaded them to an AOL Server as the very first version of this webpage. He also entered party infos as HTML code manually.

Inserting everything by hand became tedious after a while. One year later he began a new job as a web-developer at a cool online company. The very first database driven version of this . . . →Goabase

Maji Mag

Maji Mag

Maji Mag, presents an array of cultural snap shots that celebrates the visionary heretics of art, philosophy and music . They call for a life that is fully lived rather than processed and guilt free administration of our desires. They stand in solidarity with the past and seek to learn from the wisdom of traditional cultures and they are not passive spectators at the feast of archaic knowledge.

Their aim is to explore the intensities . . . →Maji Mag

Psychedelic Traveller NET


Welcome to psytraveller.net – Your audio/visual guide for mind-expanding journeys to distant places! Please select your favorite destination and enjoy your trip!

This site is written collaboratively by travellers from all around the world. People of all ages, cultural and social backgrounds are writing psytraveller.net’s articles. The goal is to compile the sum of all psychedelic traveller’s knowledge into this website. You can help to complete this goal by contributing to our community.

Psytraveller . . . →Psychedelic Traveller NET