Gaia Concept


The birth of a mouvement in France

GAIA CONCEPT was created with TEKNO- TANZ on December 31th 1990, when Fabrice Rackam owner and artistic director of the DELTA CLUB (located near Fontainebleau, France) organized his first house party together with the musical store BPM.

In twenty-three years, the organization TEKNO-TANZ was able to conquer a very large public by programming more than 150 parties to which 10 were GAIA events.

The spectacular . . . →Gaia Concept

Rainbow Serpent

Rainbow Serpent

The Rainbow Serpent Festival is a large electronic music, art and lifestyle festival, located in Victoria, Australia. The festival is mainly known for Psychedelic trance and Minimal Techno music, but also features other genres of electronic music and non electronic music in the smaller stages. The festival also has many art installations, work shops and other attractions. Recent years have seen the festival expand from a purely music-driven event, to one that places an emphasis . . . →Rainbow Serpent

BooM Festival

BooM 2012 taken by Liese

The idea behind the Boom in Portugal, is to create a space in this time continuum where people from all over the world can live an alternative reality. It’s a festival dedicated to all free spirits. It’s a celebration of intuition and telepathy as we watch how communication changes along these few days and how in the end there is no more need for words. We are re-born again into a reality of being in . . . →BooM Festival

Fusion Festival

Fusion Festival

The Fusion Festival is a German music festival. It usually takes part in the end of June. Fusion Festival began in 1997 near the city of Lärz north of Germany, about 160km from Berlin or 230km from Hamburg. The location is a former military airport, close to the Lake Müritz, Rechlin-Lärz Airfield. The festival lasts four to six days.

Since 2011, organizers have a strict policy on ticket sales and employ tactics to stop . . . →Fusion Festival

Symbiosis Gathering

Symbiosis Gathering - Pyramid Lake 2012

Since 2005, Symbiosis Events has earned a worldwide reputation for delivering transformational peak experiences through a fusion of nightly art and music mixed with daytime workshops for mind, body and beyond. Past Symbiosis Gatherings in the Santa Cruz Mountains, Angels Camp, and Yosemite National Park and recent Solar Eclipse Gatherings in Pyramid Lake (all USA) and Eclipse 2012 ion Australia have attracted thousands of evolutionaries from around the world.

Symbiosis is ment as a collaboration . . . →Symbiosis Gathering

Universo Paralello

Universo Paralello by Murilo Ganesh

Universo Paralello: In the year 2000, a tribe based in the central plains of Brazil and highly stimulated by the psychedelic beats of trance and all the renewing message and culture brought along with the style reached a year’s end without much stamina to travel to Trancoso, in the southern shores of Bahia, where for some years there had been psychedelic underground parties and especially the New Year’s party, which opened the summer party season.

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In summer 1999 thousands of travelers moved to Ozora to celebrate the total eclipse of the sun. And this move has a very long tradition: This tiny southern Transdanubian settlement of Hungary‘s Tolna County, Ozora has an unbelievably old history dating back to the Stone Age. Ancient people had chosen to gather and settle here, protected by the surrounding hills, Mother Nature gifting them with abundant fishing and hunting grounds.

Ozora has been remarkably spared . . . →Ozora

Burning Man

The man at Burning Man in Black Rock City, Nevada. Photo by Keith Pomakis on 2002-08-29.

The celebration of Burning Man’s annual fire ceremony began in 1986, created by Larry Harvey and Jerry James. For the next four years, its annual fire party was held at Baker Beach in San Francisco in the USA. In 1990, the Park police interceded to prevent the culminating conflagration of the statue. This was a transitional moment for Burning Man as the event evolved with a new location, a change of date, and the beginning . . . →Burning Man

Freedom Festival

Freedom Festival

Freedom Festival is since 2005 one of the events a psychedelic traveller should visit during the summer in Europe. Be welcome to 4th Dimension. Freedom Festival welcomes you into the 4th dimension! They invite you all to join and celebrate this spiritual and divine moment we are living in… let´s put together our most pure energy and dance to the rhythm of creation.

Now it´s the time when all the theory turns into practical and . . . →Freedom Festival

Twisted Frequency

Twisted Frequency 2013/2014

Twisted Frequency New Years Festival in New Zealand, will take place from 30. December 2013 – 2. January 2014. It is set to be an audio and visual feast set in one of the most beautiful locations New Zealand has to offer with pristine native bush surrounds and the bewitching marlborough sounds coastline at your feet. Bringing together bands, dj’s, producers, visual artists, performers and loads of creative people. Featuring a vast array of music . . . →Twisted Frequency