Gaia Concept


The birth of a mouvement in France

GAIA CONCEPT was created with TEKNO- TANZ on December 31th 1990, when Fabrice Rackam owner and artistic director of the DELTA CLUB (located near Fontainebleau, France) organized his first house party together with the musical store BPM.

In twenty-three years, the organization TEKNO-TANZ was able to conquer a very large public by programming more than 150 parties to which 10 were GAIA events.

The spectacular . . . →Gaia Concept

World people

Russian revolution 2010 (Aude) / Picture by World People

Russian revolution 2010 (Aude) / Picture by World People

World People is the story of two friends: Kristo a decorator and Toto a DJ. Lover of Trance, they want to many festivals traveling Europe with their shop.

They started to organize after parties on events where their worked started to get known as a sort of Pirate Sound system. They decide to find an organization “World People” in 2006 with a desire to bring . . . →World people