Gaia Concept


The birth of a mouvement in France

GAIA CONCEPT was created with TEKNO- TANZ on December 31th 1990, when Fabrice Rackam owner and artistic director of the DELTA CLUB (located near Fontainebleau, France) organized his first house party together with the musical store BPM.

In twenty-three years, the organization TEKNO-TANZ was able to conquer a very large public by programming more than 150 parties to which 10 were GAIA events.

The spectacular . . . →Gaia Concept

Total Eclipse

Total Eclipse: Stéphane Holweck

Total Eclipse is a psychedelic trance band founded in Bordeaux France in 1992 by Stéphane Holweck, Serge Souque and Loïc Van Poucke with the first remaining the sole member in present day. Their first tracks appeared on a few compilations in 1993, and by 1994 they had a few singles out with Dragonfly Records and T.I.P. Records. Their first full length album Delta Aquarids and the double CD Violent Relaxation were released in 1995 and . . . →Total Eclipse

Psychedelic (Goa) Trance

Psychedelic (GOA) Trance

Psychedelic trance, psytrance or just psy (derived from the Ancient Greek word ψυχή “psyche”, mind; soul; breath; spirit) is a form of electronic music characterized by hypnotic arrangements of synthetic rhythms and complex layered melodies created by high temporiffs. It appeared in the around in 1990 as with reporting of the trend of Goa trance.

Psytrance lies at the hardcore, underground end of the diverse trance spectrum. The genre offers variety in terms of mood, . . . →Psychedelic (Goa) Trance


Shpongle: Raja Ram (l.) and Simon Posford (r.)

Shpongle is an English psychedelic music project formed in 1996. The group includes Simon Posford (aka Hallucinogen) and Raja Ram (one third of The Infinity Project). The duo are considered to be one of the progenitors of the psybient genre – a genre combining world music with psychedelic trance and ambient. Their musical style combines traditional music from all over the globe and vocals with contemporary western synthesizer-based psychedelic music. When asked to describe Shpongle’s . . . →Shpongle

Gus Till

Gus Till

Gus has been active as a musician, producer and Dj for most of his natural born life. Originally from Melbourne Australia, his initial forays into the heady world of music were in the emergent punk/ new wave scene of the late 70’s/ early 80’s where he played in The Ears, Beargarden and briefly in The Models.

In the mid 80’s he became much more involved in studio work and was part of Michael Hutchences . . . →Gus Till


Astrix: Avi Shmailov

Astrix (pseudonym of Avi Shmailov; in Hebrew: אבי שמיילוב) is an international trance music dj and producer specializing in the sub-genre of Full On psychedelic trance. Astrix was born in USSR in the Caucasus,and grew up in Tel Aviv, Israel. He began recording music under the name Astrix in 1997, sometimes misconceived to be taken from the Asterix comic books. An interview on UK clubbing website revealed the name was chosen for simply sounding . . . →Astrix


Shidapu - The Light Of Shidapu

Shidapu was a goa trance act consisting of four Israeli artists, active in the 1990s. Shidapu consisted of Roy Sason, Erez Eizen, Miki Litvak and Oren Kislev. The band was founded in 1994 as a group of kids from different parts of Israel (Erez and Roy from the suburbs of Haifa, Miki from Tel Aviv area and Oren from Zikhron Ya’akov) who met over the modem. Back then they were aged 15–17 working with the . . . →Shidapu



Jirah is Tim McCall, a psytrance/downtempo producer from the USA. Raised in a very musical family, he learned much about music and the importance it plays in our lives. From the age of 12 he was drawn early on to 80’s pop and early techno music, leading him to experiment with various instruments and digital processing. Jirah contributed to our releases V.A. “Psychedelic Traveller – Vol. I”and V.A. “Psytraveller – Vol. II”.

Although he is . . . →Jirah



Deerob is Stefan Pommerin, born 1987, he is a EDM producer, composer, multi instrumentalist and audio engineer born in Germany and currently living in Finland. After rocking out in metal bands as a guitarist and drummer he began producing psy-influenced electronica as Deerob in 2008.

He is musician since the age of 8, today drum teacher and he worked in healthcare where he took care of handicapped children. Nowadays he has his own studio where . . . →Deerob


Amir Ben Natan, a.k.a Chichke

The musical journey of Amir Ben Natan born in 1986, a.k.a Chichke, from Israel, began in 2002 when he started DJing. In 2003 Chichke became resident DJ of Phonokol Records label’s parties. Unfortunately his career was paused for 3 years between 2004-2007, since as Israeli he had to serve in the army.

At the end of 2007, Chichke traveled in Southeast Asia and he was playing at many parties in Goa, including as the headliner . . . →Chichke