Interchill Records

Interchill Records is a Canadian independent record label specializing in downtempo/electronica music. Founded in Nelson British Columbia, Canada in 1995 by Andrew Ross Collins, Interchill got its start in the multi-sensory chill rooms of the early rave scene in Montreal. Originally launched to showcase and export Canadian ambient music to the rest of the world, the record label grew from a string of EPs to the seminal compilation ‘Northern Circuits’ and on to encompass music . . . →Interchill

Suntrip Records

Suntrip Records

Suntrip Records is a half-French, half-Belgian record label, releasing Goa trance and melodic Psychedelic trance. Suntrip Records was set up in the summer of 2004 by Fabien “Mars” Marsaud, one of the founders of the website and Joske “Anoebis” Vranken, a Belgian DJ and party-organiser.

In 2002, the first ideas for founding a melodic Goa trance label arose. It would offer an alternative to modern Full on psychedelic trance, a music style that branched . . . →Suntrip Records


Sanathana - Swaroop Guhathakurta

Sanathana is Swaroop Guhathakurta, an electronic dance music producer and DJ specialising in styles such as Dub, Fusion, Chillout, Psytrance, Ambient, Techtrance, Darkpsy, IDM and the like. He was born in India in 1978 and grew up in Muscat, Oman. He started music production in 2002 as Psy Dimension in the UK. He began recording music under the name of Sanathana in 2009. (The name is a Sanskrit term which means ‘Eternal’ and the name . . . →Sanathana



Ektoplazm is the world’s #1 source for free and legal psychedelictrance downloads. Founded in 2001 by DJ Basilisk, Ektoplazm has become a highly successful free music portal and netlabel family. Initially chartered to spread awareness of psytrance culture throughout Canada and the USA, Ektoplazm now has a global presence with fans and allies distributed all around the world.

The Ektoplazm Netlabel Group

Following the immense growth of the Ektoplazm distribution platform, DJ Basilisk established the . . . →Ektoplazm

World people

Russian revolution 2010 (Aude) / Picture by World People

Russian revolution 2010 (Aude) / Picture by World People

World People is the story of two friends: Kristo a decorator and Toto a DJ. Lover of Trance, they want to many festivals traveling Europe with their shop.

They started to organize after parties on events where their worked started to get known as a sort of Pirate Sound system. They decide to find an organization “World People” in 2006 with a desire to bring . . . →World people

Peak Records

Peak Records Logo

Peak Records is Switzerland’s first psychedelic trance label. Born in 2003 out of the complicity and combined visions of two musicians, a dj and a visual artist, it is run and fuelled by the passion and creativity of Ajja S.F. Leu, Master Margherita and Tanina Munchkina. Besides the obvious intention of releasing quality music, the main aims of the label are the promotion of Swiss artists on the international scene as well as the chance . . . →Peak Records

Tribal Vision Records

Tribal Vision Records / Logo
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Tribal Vision Records is an electronic music label based in the Czech Republic. Originally as DJ and promoter group founded in 2001 expanded three years later into a record label with the intent of bringing something fresh and innovative to world of the club music. In the last few years Tribal Vision has managed to define its position on the scene, enjoying great success with an impressive artist roster and plethora of releases. The label . . . →Tribal Vision Records


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Plusquam Records is a Germany based independent label founded by DJ Antaro. It started as a progressive side-label for Spirit Zone one of the biggest labels in psytrance history. Nowadays it is considered one of the most important labels on the progressive psytrance scene.


Spirit Zone mastermind Antaro released the first tunes on Plusquam Records in 2000. Plusquam Records was more experimental tunes, early progressive trance which just came up, but also also more . . . →Plusquam

Psytraveller Records

V.A. "Psytraveller - Vol. II" (Sunstation & Psytraveller)
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2009 Psytraveller Records was born out of the “Psychedelic Traveller Magazine”. Your audio/visual guide for mind expanding journeys to distant places. More than 30 countries are featured in the printed magazine from 2009 and the articles provide links to guide the traveller to the hotspots of the scene.

With their releases Psytraveller Records are continuing this concept also musically, not only to give the traveller the soundtrack for his travel, but also to display the . . . →Psytraveller Records

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