Greece is unquestionably a country with a long trance history. Opening with underground raves near the beginning of 1990’s, many people discovered an unexplained sensation in this music and turn out to be true believers and supporters. Trance made many fans in Greece, there are lots of parties with many guests and some big energy on the dance floor. Things in Greece have been growing fast, lots of events with many international guests from psytrance . . . →Greece

[2010] Come and enjoy the Hellenic sanctuary land in GREECE

Greece: Taken by Absolut Zero

written by FantaPsy

Dear travelers of Psychedelic music, feel the true mystical aura of primeval secrets, only here in Hellas-Greece. From the “Great Dionysian”, celebration ceremonies for the god, Dionysus, through the ecstatic traveling among the forests, to the celebration for Zeus and Gaia, are only the beginning before thousands of years before on time, to reach today the nowadays Trance gatherings celebrations for the” peace and unity”, Love and exit, a philosophy which . . . →[2010] Come and enjoy the Hellenic sanctuary land in GREECE