Fusion Festival

Fusion Festival

The Fusion Festival is a German music festival. It usually takes part in the end of June. Fusion Festival began in 1997 near the city of Lärz north of Germany, about 160km from Berlin or 230km from Hamburg. The location is a former military airport, close to the Lake Müritz, Rechlin-Lärz Airfield. The festival lasts four to six days.

Since 2011, organizers have a strict policy on ticket sales and employ tactics to stop . . . →Fusion Festival



Deerob is Stefan Pommerin, born 1987, he is a EDM producer, composer, multi instrumentalist and audio engineer born in Germany and currently living in Finland. After rocking out in metal bands as a guitarist and drummer he began producing psy-influenced electronica as Deerob in 2008.

He is musician since the age of 8, today drum teacher and he worked in healthcare where he took care of handicapped children. Nowadays he has his own studio where . . . →Deerob

Headshop Grasweg

Headshop. Growshop, Bong, Acryl, Decoration

There are several quite good reasons to visit Hamburg, Germany, two of them are called “Headshop Grasweg“. They could answer all your questions about festivals, local partys and of course as well they sell Head & Grow supply. Further information like phone numbers, adresses, opening time and so on you´ll find at their website www.grasweg.info

The Growshops supplies plant illumination for indoor gardens, growrooms, the growbox or homebox. They have specialized on plant cultivation under . . . →Headshop Grasweg


X-Dream (Jan Müller l. und Marcus Maichel r.)

X-Dream are Marcus Christopher Maichel (born May 1968) and Jan Müller (born February 1970); they are also known as Rough and Rush. They are producers of psychedelic trance music and hail from Hamburg, Germany. Their music retains the 4/4 drum patterns of Goa trance music and has a dependence on riffs.

Jan Müller was educated as a sound engineer. Marcus Maichel was a musician familiar with techno and reggae, and was already making electronic music . . . →X-Dream

Last Hippies Standing

Last Hippie Standing

Last Hippie Standing (2001) is a 45 min. documentary by the German filmmaker Marcus Robbin about Goa, India. The film compares the sixties and seventies hippie era with the situation in 2000. The film works without commentary and consists of documentation of the ongoing party culture in Goa, as well as private and previously unreleased Super 8 footage from the sixties and seventies in Goa, filmed by Cleo Odzer.

This material is the only . . . →Last Hippies Standing



A few years ago it was pretty easy to find your way to the German psytrance scene: Just go to Hamburg in the summer, pic up some flyers, then move to the East where the festivals are – maybe chill a while in Berlin at the end. This has changed a little bit as Hamburg can’t be considered the centre of the scene anymore. Psytrance has spread all over the country.

It all started beginning . . . →Germany


Antagon @ República da Música, picture taken by: Hey sunshine*photography (https://www.facebook.com/heysunshinephotography)

Lars Peter aka Antagon is a modern psychedelic trance (darkish) live-act from Hamburg, Germany. His musical roots were laid in the death metal scene of the early ninetees. In 1996 he became interested in the psychedelic trance Scene and several years later he started spinning CDs and vinyl.

2005 was the year of birth for the Antagon Project, after several months at the studio and a year of learning the basics of audio production techniques . . . →Antagon

Electric Universe

Boris Blenn - Electric Universe

Electric Universe is a psychedelic trance project from Germany formed by Boris Blenn and Michael Dressler in 1991. Their first EP release, Solar Energy was an instant hit with the underground trance scene and is often credited with putting the Spirit Zone Recordings label at the forefront of psychedelic trance early on. According to The Sofia Echo, they were “hailed in the 1990s as one of the top psychedelic trance projects to come out of . . . →Electric Universe



Endorphira from Germany began working as DJane in 1992. She started djing as Gabber & Hardcore DJane but changed her style to Trance, Psytrance & Goa later on. She got performances at different clubs & party events in Germany, Austria and Czech Republic.

In 1994 she was chosen as guest for a hidden Goa-party (Cyberlove) after the Love Parade in Berlin. She got the chance to play her set there, which was a mix between . . . →Endorphira

Antaris Project

Antaris Photos 2011 by Andreas Barnitzky: http://www.antaris-project.de/fotos/antaris_2011/galerie_barnitzky/index.html

Antaris Project, since 1993 one of the legendary northern German open air festivals. ANT-ARIS = AGAINST WAR! Since ages the second weekend in July is blocked for family spirit under the stars. People always commend the freaky friendly atmosphere on the venue.

Laugh & Dance is the motto of ANTARIS and take off is nowadays the Otto-Lilienthal-Airport between Hamburg and Berlin. On a beautiful green location in the day that morphes into a fluorescent . . . →Antaris Project