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Tribal Vision Records is an electronic music label based in the Czech Republic. Originally as DJ and promoter group founded in 2001 expanded three years later into a record label with the intent of bringing something fresh and innovative to world of the club music. In the last few years Tribal Vision has managed to define its position on the scene, enjoying great success with an impressive artist roster and plethora of releases. The label . . . →Tribal Vision Records

Czech Republic

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic (Czech: Česká republika), is a landlocked country in Central Europe. The country borders Poland to the northeast, Germany to the west, Austria to the south and Slovakia to the east. The capital and largest city is Prague (Czech: Praha). The country is composed of the historic regions of Bohemia and Moravia, as well as parts of Silesia. The Czech Republic has been a member of NATO, since 1999 and the European Union, . . . →Czech Republic

[2009] New and different experiences in the CZECH REPUBLIC

Czech Republic: Taken by r.o.d.r.i.x.

written by Slater & Mim

The convenient position in the heart of European continent makes Czech Republic perfect destination for all psy-travellers. However, in the world of trance music our country has never played so important role – and let’s be honest, trancers from abroad often do not know much about what is exactly going on here. So, how is the trance scene in the Czech Republic nowadays?

These lines are being written during . . . →[2009] New and different experiences in the CZECH REPUBLIC