Republic of Turkey

We walked a little, yet travelled too far; have crossed overhill and plains apart; and when we looked back, indeed; The road left behind, was no bigger than a barley seed… Thus begins the ancient Turkish fairy tales.. The first trance dance experience on these lands was probably held in Catalhoyuk around 6500 BC.

Ancient Anatolia, the cradle of the mother goddess cult, has been home to countless civilizations, from neolithic Crane Dancers, to . . . →Turkey

Maji Mag

Maji Mag

Maji Mag, presents an array of cultural snap shots that celebrates the visionary heretics of art, philosophy and music . They call for a life that is fully lived rather than processed and guilt free administration of our desires. They stand in solidarity with the past and seek to learn from the wisdom of traditional cultures and they are not passive spectators at the feast of archaic knowledge.

Their aim is to explore the intensities . . . →Maji Mag

[2007] Souls of The Ancient in TURKEY


Article from “Trancer’s Guide To The Galaxy”

Today local dj’s such as Kodomo, Mute (A’raf Records), Tao-Sen, Psysarı, Moonchild, Sona Shine (Mind Funk Records), Virtualien (A’raf Records), Fantasma, Murat, Djhan, Woodpecker (A’raf Records) are spinning in Turkey and some do shine around the world. Among many other talented artists, producers such as Lucid Picnic (Peak Records), Mindsphere (Metaphysic Records) and Travma (Metaphysic Records) are releasing their tunes through international labels. Mute is producing a . . . →[2007] Souls of The Ancient in TURKEY