Alphatrance is a DJ Trance native of Toulouse, who began his career in 1994. The Techno is at this time rapidly expanding.

At only 18 years, he became the resident DJ in clubs in the South of France such as Shanghai, the Science park, Héliant or Bora bora.

In 1996, he stopped the clubs scene and started playing more in evenings and trance festivals to get into the more underground scene.

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The Psychedelic trance scene started more than 20 years ago. Like a seed taken root, the party scene has grown strong on the energy of party people and organizers alike. The parties with their beautiful locations in the jungle or on the beach with their amazing decorations makes you feel like you’re visiting another world.

The Kingdom of Thailand (Thai: ราชอาณาจักรไทย), is an independent country that lies in the heart of Southeast Asia. It is . . . →Thailand


Antaro (Thailand 2009)

Antaro (Wolfgang Matthias Ahrens) is one of the few DJs who are aktiv since the very begining of electronic dance music. He was born in October 1953 in Germany. Currently Antaro is living in Bangkok / Thailand. He plays Psytrance under the name DJ Antaro and Techno under the name EQ San.


Antaro instigated the original trance scene with a series of small parties inspired by his experiences in Goa, India. He started the . . . →Antaro

[2010] Spaced-out sounds played day and night in THAILAND


written by LoveDave

Thailand is one of the world centers of psychedelic trance for pretty much as long as the music is around itself. Many of us may have had their first introduction into spaced-out sounds played day and night right here.

Especially Ko Phangan is constantly developing its scene. The friendly island with its white sand beaches and lush forests hosts not only full moon party, where Tommy’s Resort still caters to the . . . →[2010] Spaced-out sounds played day and night in THAILAND