The trance scene in Nepal was introduced as a spiritual ‘Bhajan’ in 1988 by Andy aka Hatti baba around Pashupati temple during Shiva Ratri. The scene remained small within the community and was known to only a few select tourist in Nepal. However after the end of civil war in 2006 the scene became massive attracting lots of people from all around the world.

Nepal (Nepali: नेपाल, officially the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal), is . . . →Nepal

[2009] New Destination: NEPAL

Party in Nepal


There are several open air events held around Katmandu and Pokhara and the best times to explore Nepal are October and April. Of the many parties that take place, Shanti Jatra is currently the most popular. Organised by Shiva’s Crew aka Aseem and Robin, it usually takes place in October and hosts many international artists as well as attracting the psy-travellers. The team are part of Freak Street Productions . . . →[2009] New Destination: NEPAL