Astrix: Avi Shmailov

Astrix (pseudonym of Avi Shmailov; in Hebrew: אבי שמיילוב) is an international trance music dj and producer specializing in the sub-genre of Full On psychedelic trance. Astrix was born in USSR in the Caucasus,and grew up in Tel Aviv, Israel. He began recording music under the name Astrix in 1997, sometimes misconceived to be taken from the Asterix comic books. An interview on UK clubbing website revealed the name was chosen for simply sounding . . . →Astrix


Shidapu - The Light Of Shidapu

Shidapu was a goa trance act consisting of four Israeli artists, active in the 1990s. Shidapu consisted of Roy Sason, Erez Eizen, Miki Litvak and Oren Kislev. The band was founded in 1994 as a group of kids from different parts of Israel (Erez and Roy from the suburbs of Haifa, Miki from Tel Aviv area and Oren from Zikhron Ya’akov) who met over the modem. Back then they were aged 15–17 working with the . . . →Shidapu


Amir Ben Natan, a.k.a Chichke

The musical journey of Amir Ben Natan born in 1986, a.k.a Chichke, from Israel, began in 2002 when he started DJing. In 2003 Chichke became resident DJ of Phonokol Records label’s parties. Unfortunately his career was paused for 3 years between 2004-2007, since as Israeli he had to serve in the army.

At the end of 2007, Chichke traveled in Southeast Asia and he was playing at many parties in Goa, including as the headliner . . . →Chichke


Skazi: Asher Swissa

Skazi is an Israeli psychedelic trance DJ group, formed in 1998, with two members: Asher Swissa and Assaf B-Bass. Skazi was formed in 1998 by Asher Swissa and Assaf B-Bass, to form a duo producing Soft Psy-Trance Electro Punk music.

Swissa began his musical career as a punk rocker in 1990, when he formed a group called Sartan Hashad (en. Breast Cancer) together with three friends. The band played in small venues in Jerusalem and . . . →Skazi



Israel has had a huge effect and influence on the global trance scene with such pioneers like Astral Projection, Oforia, California Sunshine and Space Cat. Most of them continue to shape the scene till this day. The journey to India after finishing the army became an Israeli ritual that helped develop the scene and made this genre the most popular for young people in the country. The constant wars with the mandatory army (three years . . . →Israel

Astral Projection

Astral Projection: Lior Perlmutter (l.) and Avi Nissim (r.)

Astral Projection is an electronic musical group producing psychedelic trance and goa trance music based in Israel. Its current members are Avi Nissim and Lior Perlmutter. Although the majority of their releases have been done through their own record company, Trust in Trance (which later merged with Phonokol), they have also released records with other labels including Transient. In addition to an extensive discography, the group has an extensive worldwide touring schedule.

A precursor to . . . →Astral Projection


Ofer "Oforia" Dikovsky

Ofer Dikovsky (Hebrew: עופר דיקובסקי‎) better known by his stage name Oforia (in Hebrew: אופוריה‎) is an electronic music artist and music producer from Israel and one of Israel’s longest standing electronic music artists. He has been active internationally creating the first form of the dominant Israeli electronic sound. Because of his work, he is considered one of the inventors of the genre in Israel. Besides solo career, he was involved in musical projects Indoor, . . . →Oforia

Infected Mushroom

Infected Mushroom: Erez Eisen (l.) and Amit Duvdevani (r.)

Infected Mushroom is an Israeli psytrance/electronica duo formed in Kiryat Yam, Haifa (Israel) in 1998 by the producers Erez Eisen and Amit Duvdevani. Both founding members currently reside in Los Angeles, California (USA). Eisen and Duvdevani first began to play together in 1998. A few of their early efforts were released under the name Shidapu & Duvdev. The duo then renamed themselves Infected Mushroom, and began work on their first album, 1999’s The Gathering. This . . . →Infected Mushroom


Shulman: Yaniv Shulman (l) & Omri Harpaz (r)

The Shulman project is Yaniv Shulman, later joined by Omri Harpaz, both from Israel. It is considered as one of the leading groups in the psychedelic chillout and ambient scene. Shulman’s sound features elements of “glitch” and displays a large IDM influence. Shulman is also a remix artist within the psybient genre.

According to the website, Yaniv Shulman, the duo frontman, is a chillout artist from Israel, who studied computer science. Known for his participation . . . →Shulman

[2010] We will Trance you! ISRAEL

Israel: Taken by Julian Ribinik

written by PinkE

The Israeli Trance scene has been kicking the world with the unique Israeli sound for more than 20 years now, we managed to play, dance and plant our karahana mantra everywhere, while adapting to the evolutionary phases of the psychedelic subculture.

Trance in Israel is all over, it will haunt you everywhere you go! you will hear it in cars, kiosks, stores, houses, radio, and television. In the summer (which is . . . →[2010] We will Trance you! ISRAEL