A pass into the story of trance in Brazil

Yogi Dass Trancelestialvibe

Written by Yogi Dass Trancelestialvibe

Yogi Dass Trancelestialvibe

Everything happened in the mid-nineties in Brazil. In 95, they arrived in Sao Paulo , in their luggage they brought new music and a lifestyle for a whole new generation. A generation, who was drawn towards new things and experiences, new discoveries on a physical and spiritual way. I remember that year (1995) as being the one of my first real deep contacts with the . . . →A pass into the story of trance in Brazil

Universo Paralello

Universo Paralello by Murilo Ganesh

Universo Paralello: In the year 2000, a tribe based in the central plains of Brazil and highly stimulated by the psychedelic beats of trance and all the renewing message and culture brought along with the style reached a year’s end without much stamina to travel to Trancoso, in the southern shores of Bahia, where for some years there had been psychedelic underground parties and especially the New Year’s party, which opened the summer party season.

. . . →Universo Paralello



In 1995 psychedelic trance scene arrived in Brazil via Sao Paulo. In the beginning it was mostly isolated, little and secret parties until more and more DJs arrived, helped to emancipate the psychedelic trance in Sao Paulo and in the state of Bahia, on small beaches in the south of the state. A lot of reunions happened and are still happening since then. Every year, thousands of international freaks keep coming to discover the flavors . . . →Brazil

[2010] Psychedelia in natura in BRAZIL


written by Ricardo Janczur

When you speak of Brazil, what comes to your mind? If you are into psychedelic parties, for sure you gonna say Universo Paralello. Mix your feelings into heavenly landscapes, beaches, mountains, sun and an exquisite wild energy for partying like never before. Welcome to paradise!

Psychedelic fruit in Brazil is maturing for some years and little by little it gets one of the sweetest corners in the world when the . . . →[2010] Psychedelia in natura in BRAZIL