BooM Festival

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The idea behind the Boom in Portugal, is to create a space in this time continuum where people from all over the world can live an alternative reality. It’s a festival dedicated to all free spirits. It’s a celebration of intuition and telepathy as we watch how communication changes along these few days and how in the end there is no more need for words. We are re-born again into a reality of being in constant Universal Trance, in this state all changes are possible, the Universe is “at our fingertips”… we can mould it! The aim is to join a huge worldwide family in the present time continuum and in together allowing the Culture, the Love, the Sacred Earth and the Art to melt and mingle and eventually… Boom! We all take one big step together …

BooM 2012 taken by LieseEvery culture is expressed by its Art, emanating through the many expressions and shapes it assumes. A cultural event as a means of expression does not just focus on one of the aspects of the Art, but on the whole. Boom is an Art event, born from a culture which has long grown in the margins of mainstream culture reaching new expressions and visions. A whole world of people involved in the alternative, psychedelic and independent culture get together to show and share what they have found inside the Conscious Fractal, the Wholeness, the Oneness, the Truth.

Thoughts, music tracks, sculptures, paintings, clothes, films, photos, ideologies, experiences, communication, philosophies and lots more, all enhancing the possibilities of our life’s experiences. All adding to the Universe. The Full Moon of August has always been our guide as far as the Boom calendar is concerned. It’s an ongoing tradition with a few years now (2010 it is the 8th edition) and this has decreed the dates of the Boom festival since its birth in ´97. Boom festival, due to its conscious shapeshifting and mutating properties, happens every two years in sync with the truth of impermanence, in sync with the Full Moon.


Since the 8th edition of Boom the Festival is in a new location. It is held in the lake of Idanha-a-Nova but in a new venue full of shade, which is flatter, greener, and has better access routes. This change was motivated by the need for offering the public better conditions to party.

BooM 2012 taken by LieseHistory / What is Boom?

It’s a hot summer in Portugal, the morning of August 16, 1997 and 3,500 people share a place in a Mediterranean forest. The air is warm and filled with the smell of pine and cork trees. Art, color and people emphasis the landscape as music paces the day.

Seated in a chai shop, a couple in their 30’s speak in a freestyle manner, recreating themselves with the game of word association, they laugh. Around them people are happy with that special joy of living something for the first time. Indeed they were living it: it was the Boom Festival. It was not just men, women and children that were experiencing something new, the festival organization – Good Mood Productions – moved by the idealism of joining the worldwide trance communities under the same sky, was also on the adventure of walking down an unknown path.

Founded by Diogo Ruivo and Pedro Carvalho, Good Mood and the Boom Festival were visions shared by these two young people and their closest friends. Supported by dozens of unknown activists, they began to build a collaborative event platform to create and develop new ideas envisioned by people from different artistic and cultural backgrounds. This special confluence of ideas, art and culture transformed Boom into more than just a music festival over the years. In 1997 Boom was an electronic music event, featuring Goa Trance to be precise.




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