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Bulgaria is a parliamentary republic in eastern Europe, situated on the Balkan Peninsula. Its population around 7.6 million people, its largest city and capital is Sofia. Bulgaria borders the Black Sea to the east,Greece and Turkey to the south, Macedonia and Serbia to the west and Romania to the north. Since 2007 the country is a member of the European Union.

Republic of BulgariaFacts

  • price for a club-night 3-10 € /open air 0-10 € / festivals 10-30€
  • price for beer 1-3€ / water 0,5-2€
  • 1-2 partys per week, sometimes less
  • Usually party’s still up to 6??, then – afterparty :)
  • Major parties have attendance around 2000 people, the medium – arround 700


Open Airs & Festivals

Live Acts

  • Asoma are Velimir Andreev and Borislav Lazarov from Sofia, Bulgaria. They become into psytrance in the late 90s, starting with the pioneers of this genre and collecting music from labels like Spirit Zone, Dragonfly, Phonokol, Transient, Twisted, Flying Rhino, Shiva Space Technolgy etc. Fascinated from the beauty of the music, they decided to contribute with something from them and to express their visions, feelings and ideas through sound – in the year 2001 “Asoma” project was born. After lots of experiments with sound manipulation, Asoma found their style and become deeper in it. In 2008 Alexander Dragomirov joins the project and plays the analog synthesizer during the live acts
  • Gain Reduction are Ventsislav Stoev and Angel Dimitrov from Plovdiv, Bulgaria. They are working together in different music project since 98, and before that, they’ve worked separately on grind core and death metal projects. Both of them graduated Plovdiv’s Music Academy – with subject classical guitar. They were fascinated by the sound of electronic music in the end of the 90s. A little later they began to work as Gain Reduction and since then, they are one of the leading acts in the Bulgarian psytrance scene. They are participating in an unofficial organisation PsyTech Team which popularizes the electronic music in Bulgaria, and also maintains an internet trance portal – http://psytechteam.org.
  • Gain Reduction released their tracks on such labels like:Triplag Records, D-A-R-K Records, Hypnotica Records, Goanmantra Records , Dead Of Night Records . Two of compilations with their tracks appeared in Goa Gil’s Divine Dozen CD Chart for Xmas 2007 : VA-“Screams Of Nature” (Dark records) and VA-“Dark Love” (Triplag Records) and VA-”Psynostra”(Goanmantra Records) for august 2008’th CD chart. Gain Reduction take part in parties and festivals around Europe and especially in Bulgaria. They are part of the organizers and participants of open air festival Mati Zemlya released in Bulgaria in august 2004 and 2005.
  • Gripe Grig’s – Velimir Andreev , 24 years old guy from Sofia, Bulgaria. He become into psytrance in the late of 90s. In that time with his schoolmate and friend Borislav Lazarov created the project “Asoma”. Now he decided to creat his own project. The Idea of this project is to be little bit more faster and little bit more crazy hehe…
  • Disham(Kliment Dichev & Filip Tarnovsky) is an open project towards music experiments in a wide variety of sound fields. It goes in between progressive trance and house towards the infinity of chill vibes and psy ambient. We like the core perception of the universe, which as we think is assembling in a single point rhythm and harmony, music and nature, moment and eternity. Our perception of live electronic music is just like playing an instrument, with the all single elements of tracks been assmbled and changed in real time, thus creating at every party a different sequence of sounds. Disham likes nature walks and open-air sound. Disham had performed @ Boom festival 2004 (Portugal), No man’s land festival 2004&2005 (Hungary), Easter Sunday 2005 (Germany), Transylvannia Calling 2005 (Romania), Ozora 2005 (Hungary), Mati Zemlya 2005 (Bulgaria) with Goa Gill, Headoneast parties (Bulgaria) with Son Kite, Stefan Ludley, Edoardo, MoShic.
  • Vataff Project is a mix of a electronic music basis, electronic beat and traditional bulgarian instruments and visual performance. The project has its own and specific sound although it contains elements of psychedelic-techno, triphop, ambient. Musicians explore by combining the acoustic sound of bagpipe, kaval, percussion, vocals with analogue synthesis, their common soundings and impacts. The music of “Vataff” leads to profound feelings of ecstasy, dance and ritual which come from the ancient times, the present and the future. The permanent development and evolution of sound, the search for states going beyond the field of matrix forms and images are basic tendencies set in the project’s idea.
  • “Vataff Project” is initiated by Victor Marinov /Victor’s Mob/ during the fall of 2001. Victor builds the compositions and the electronic basis of the music. Shtoni Kokoudev /bagpipe, horn/, Panayot Angelov /percussion/, Nikolai Dichev /sound maker/ are guest musicians. The debut is on 23.11.01 in “Club 7″ in the city of Sofia. The play on festivals and in clubs. “FEM” – Sofia 2001 /together with “Asian Dub Foundation”/, French Cultural Institute, “SlunceLuna” – Trigrad 2002, “FEM” – Sofia 2002 /together with “Fundamental” and “Transformations”/, “O! Shipka” Club are some of them. ( http://www.vataff.com )
  • Flange
  • Kliment is unique live act experience unites different forms of electronic styles such as trance, house, tribal and minimal under the progressive vibration. Characterized with a deep atmosphere and solid groove, Kliment’s sound lifts up the crowd into an emotional journey on the dance floor. His releases for labels over the world – Electrik Dream, Contrast, Iboga, Tribal Vision, ChillOm, Iboga Mexico, Soultribe, YSE, Absolutive, Sofa Beats – made up his name as one of the renown acts from Bulgaria, with gigs across many clubs and festivals in Europe and world’s progressive scene. Featuring several other music projects (Once Upon a Time, Samodelia, Disham), he works in collaboration with producers and musicians such as Moshic, Kintar, Tatva Kundalini, Micromattic, Surbahar, Elitsa Todorova & Stoyan Yankoulov, Aura Rascon, Milena Sergueeva, Veselin Mitev, Orlin Cvetanov. Beside electronic music, Kliment has also a wide experience in film score, theater and performance music, commercials and spots, sound design and field recording.
  • Maharishi is Borislav Lazarov and he is a student at the New Bulgarian University in Sofia. His subject is “Computer and Media Technologies” profiled in Computer Systems in Music. He got into electronic music in his early ages, starting with Pink Floyd, Kraftwerk and Jean Michelle Jarre. In the late 90’s he discovered the endless world of ambient and psychedelic trance and few years later, he and his schoolmate Velimir Andreev decided to create a psychedelic trance project, called “Asoma”. Besides the work with his musical partner, he produce some ambient and chillout stuff under the artist name “Maharishi”. His main idea is to combine tribal rhythms, deep soundscapes and fairy melodies and to put them in a complete musical journey through innerself.
  • Once Upon A Time’s music can offer to dance floor travelers…These sonical fairy tale landscapes are magically attuned across a sea of deep, dark and melodic psychadelic mood, often fading with film score and organic elements. They drive you through a tunnel of lights and shadows, skillfully switching between major and minor, slow and fast rhythm, emotional infusion gaps and groovy bass lines, light and dark. Kliment’s psytrance project is oriented to the early evening or morning dancefloor.Debut album SIMPLEXITY to be coming out in 2010 on Electrik Dream records!
  • Oxidelic is Delian Kristoff, born in Bulgaria, in 1975. He studied Art and has been working as Graphic Designer for more than 13 years.
  • His love for psy-trance started in 1994 when a dj and friend of Oxidelic gave him some VAs with Man With No Name, Hokus Pocus, Ayahuasca, etc. At that moment he was mainly into IDM, Drum’n’Bass and some Techno influences, but the density and new point of view, but mainly by its natural connection with all spiritual ideas and movements, converted his curiosity about this style in a life-time love and dedication to all that psy-trance involves. He has participated in deco-teams, as a DJ, as a producer and organizer, designer or VJ in numerous parties mainly in Bulgaria and Venezuela.
  • Surbahar His name is Pavel Stoychev – He is a musician and music producer inspired from the nature and the Vedic science of inner knowledge. Our consciousness has a lot of questions whose answers are forgotten. Creating music helps him to remember them. He started producing electronic music in 2002 prior to this he was playing in different bands and projects such as Band of Mad Women, Bluba Lu, Babyface Clan, Samodelia, Mescalitto, Pumpal and more…
  • Samodelia (live performance) has two albums, ‘ambient’ and ‘trance’ cds, produced between 2001-2002. In 2005 ouim.net label released them both for free download under a creative commons liscence.
  • Zerohour is Georgi Dunkov , born in the town of Plovdiv,Bulgaria. He began his journey into trance when he was 14 years old with Uplifting trance a.k.a. Victory and later moved on to more darker sounds. His composing ideas started with this very stile (Victory) and from 2005 the influence in the dark side became much more bigger. At this age he allready got several releases in difrent labels around the world and a Ep album. He is interested in acomplishing various sound styles from twilight psy/night full on up to more darker tunes. Currently working on improving his style.
  • Zero-Blade was Born in Bulgaria, started listening to psy at the age of 8, he fell in love with this genre of music and since than has expanded his musical taste to the psychedelic trance, known in our days as Dark and Twisted Psytrance. Some time ago he started even playing around with music himself and is always experimenting with everything his sick, twisted mind can think of. He creates fast, twisted, psychotic psy mostly, althou he likes to experiment with any genre/style of music, depending on his mood.


Visuals (VJs)

Deco & Art


Shops (music, deco, fashion, chillin and clubing)

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